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Monday, 19 January 2015

Monday & Tuesday - 19 & 20 Jan 2015


This morning baby asked to have only hotdog bun and some biscuit for recess ..... she still do not have any confidence in buying food as this week onwards no more mentor accompanying her.  I hope she can overcome it fast and buy the food she like in school!  But of cos I am happy if she request to me to cook for her but I will be more tiring as need to wake up early. :P 


Baby ask me to cook noodle for her recess so I add some cocktail chicken hotdog and egg for her.  After school she told me she finished everything really makes me very happy hope this growing up gal will grow up well ans healthy!

Bought her western food for lunch and she love pork chop very much at first the stall owner still thought that pork chop belongs to mine hahaha and she told Alyssa that good life she had! haha ....

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