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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thursday - 22 Jan 2015

I really sleep well today but kinda warm for me so I asked for a fan blowing me for the time being while waiting for Dr Heng to give me green light to be discharge.

Today I have American Breakfast to start the day .... and after having breakfast Dr Heng came and green light given to me that I can go home but total bed rest at home for 2 weeks!  I was quite sad cos I am a person whom cannot sit still haha I will wanna do something for sure.  Wonder how will I survive.

Goh wheeled me down and make all the payment and we head to the for quick bite before going home as I am hungry.  Ordered the Chee Cheong Fun cos notmuch choices actually kinda boring lah this hospital haha but well at least near our place with our preferred gynae everything is ok. 

Went back home and immediately Goh asked me to stay in bed and well I rested awhile and slowly walk back to living room to watch tv and now if I need to bathe Goh will have to place a chair inside for me to bathe as instructed by  Dr Heng and the nurses.  Ok so now my so call in prison started lets see how long can I survive! 

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