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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Saturday - 10 Jan 15

My MIL meet up with me at 630am cos we are heading to Floating Platform cos my hubby is having his standing down parade.  Times really flies I still remember I see him off on his 1st reservist!  Now he had 10 cycle completed!

We were seated at the green sector and first to march out is 2 battalions of standing down men follow by all the passing out parade youngsters!  Missy brought along her piglet to see the stand down parade but she is actually covering her ears telling me she scare of the bombing sound haha she thought we watching National Day Parade!

Told her is only instrumental playing no bombing haha then she let go her hand and trying hard to see where her Papa! The 2 battalions dismissed first and not long after Goh found us and he asked us to follow him cos they are able to go for reception at the F1 pit.  Quite a long walk to there and need to climb 3 or 4 storey to the venue hhahaha ... very tiring! 

About 4 or 5 buffet table set up with different food ...  took some food my MIL, Missy and myself but 美中不足 they dun have chairs provided and I am on skirt with a small belly now I cannot sit on floor like others do.  

Whole reception took about an hr to 2 hr, Goh need to have his card scan before leaving lucky they have express queue for those men with family around,  And thanks to a friend whom helped us so that we could park the car overnight with carpark waived!  After sending MIL back both of us knock out after we wash up .... best is my girl she didn't nap when she is back but doing her berries work and play her toys till we wake up! 

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