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Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday - 12 Jan 15

Since there is leftover of some food yesterday Missy say that she wanna have it for recess so I make hot the fried rice and brocolli and fried an egg for her recess.  Hope she like it!  Routine start again ...... haiz .... really tired .... not enough rest. 

She was waiting for me to come home after work and asking to have her present open ..... actually I wanted to let her open on her actual day birthday but to prevent the gift lying around cos storage is quite hard as I have not start my spring cleaning I decided to let her open it. 

She was so happy and open up the gift one by one carefully and she was thrilled looking at her present.  Really thanks all her friends. relatives, Auntie & Uncles showering her with love!  The gifts was so nice and she was thrilled seeing Hazel's present ...... and hiao hiao her immediately ask if she can try on it! See the series of her hiao post haha ... 

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