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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Saturday - 3 Jan 2015

Alyssa's Berries class start today so our Saturday routine start too!  After sending her I suggest going to Onekm Mall as Goh have not been there ... for me I always there cos everytime when I off work I will walk in to look see or buy dinner back. 

At the same time we also order a birthday cake for Alyssa's upcoming birthday bash with her friends! We go for Prima Deli this time as I love the rainbow cake with the polka dots design I tried looking for My Little Pony theme cake but seems like is quite difficult so I order this cake so I can put some figurine on top of it and it will be like pony theme! Heehee 

After ordering we went to Heavenly Wang for tea break and the always hungry me go for macaroni soup and Goh will be sharing with me.  Greedy me also never takes my eyes off the happiness shelf full of old school biscuit and tidbits so bought one tub of biscuit and one tub of fishball crackers!  Mad love! 
After picking up Alyssa we headed to East Point for dinner and we settle at Xin Wang cos Missy say she want noodle!  Somehow I am hungry but no appetite I go for porridge and after meal we went to get some food for supper.  Kinda boring at times ...... 

Reached home my dear baby wanna do up the nano block and with the help of SZ and Goh she made it!  The Panda is done!  Happy kid with her xmas present! 

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