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Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday - 4 Oct 2013

Children's day now falls on the 1st week of Friday in October hmmmm quite nice too cos is a Friday which means if I take leave I will have long weekend ... not back ya lah.

Woke up early, Alyssa and myself cheong to Leisure Park for shopping cos there is a private Toys'R"us member sale bought alot of toys and quickly headed back after we have quick snack and shopping cos we meeting up Angeline and Jayden.

Camwhoring while waiting for Angeline to pick us.

We go East Coast Polliwogs as the 2 can enjoy the playing time together while Angeline and myself went for a late lunch at Waraku.  I don't really like it cos the service is not very good..... food wise not really fantastic I don't think I will wanna come back again.

The 2 of them play till their heart content ...... and Alyssa sweating all over ...... went back home wash up and she started to play her toys while I cook for dinner. 

Craving for yam so I add into the cabbage rice I cook ..... lucky Alyssa still ok to eat it I still afraid she might not like it though she is not choosy but she can be picky at times! 

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