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Saturday, 5 October 2013

味香园 Saturday - 5 Oct 2013

Headed to Chinatown cos I need to get some stuffs from OG and we ended up first at 味香园 without having any meals!  Whenever I walked past I will see long Q so since not much crowd we just went in to look for a seat.  

We were given menu and when decided what to order we have to order and pay at the cashier counter.  And the icy cold, hot dessert will served to you.  I ordered gingko barley this is very smooth and it just melt in my mouth.  Goh opt for durian shaved ice, prestation so nice and tall no complain from Goh and this is whip up fast!  Alyssa go for milk pudding ..... a dessert I will never order cos I don't really like the milk smell and taste.  Baby is baby they love milk stuffs! 

We also shared chee cheong fun .... Alyssa love it very much ... I love lotsa sesame and is soft too ..... I will go back for more cos I am madly in love with the gingko barley! 

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