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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tuesday - 8 Oct 2013

Craving for Beach Road army market fishball noodle so we head over there to pack back dinner.  Tong Seng fishball noodle is located basement B1-02 and I have this since young till now ... I really love the QQ fishball and of cos their noodle is always cooked just nice will not be soggy!

As I don;t take pork I will asked for all fishballs and they used to have $3 option will have pacific clam now no more pacific clam :( .  As for Goh he go for mix which contain liver and pork slices with fishball and meatball! Goh also commented that the liver is cooked nicely!  Thumbs up!

Went to take a look that if Mr Baguette still open and they only left a few flavors so I get some red velvet flavor this is also one of the oozing out effect.

Went up to #01-75 where the Ah Balling Peanut Soup dessert is and bought one ginger soup base and one peanut base soup.  Use to love sesame balls but now I prefer the peanut the oozing out filling is nice.  Satisfied dinner I had with Goh! YUMZ!

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