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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sinpopo Brand Cafe - Thursday 10 Oct 2013

Received a leaflet about Sinpopo Brand Cafe ..... and looking through the menu a few dishes caught the glutton me wanting to visit this place.  Sinpopo this name struck me about sleazy night club back in the olden days and I think I still see one name 新宝宝 night club along Tanjong Katong road! 

Nostalgia ambiance with is retro signage plus the pulling gate with sliding television really bring back some of my memories.  Poster were seen on the walls, rotary dial phone are placed near the counter.  

It was a semi self service, write down order on the order chit provided which is on the old school kind of tin cup and make purchase at the counter and the service crew will then serve you the orders when is ready! 

Goh ordered their scissor cut rice ($8.90) which consists of curry chicken, cabbage, some pork chop slice and an egg the portion is huge!  As for me I go for the old school type of curry chicken ($8.90) portion is also big.  We also ordered Sng Muay Pop ($3.90) to go along with our meal.  Sny Muay Pop is actually Sprite with fresh calamasi and sour plum ice balls and when this melt into the drink it gave a tangy and salty feel really very 开胃!  I am so in love with it! 

Didn't know the portion is so big we did order dessert as well I go for Cheng Tng ($3.90) and Goh had Durian Ice Kachang ($4.90) again the portion is  really big and so both of us came out with a big tummy! 

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