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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday - 6 Oct 2013

I stop seeing my years of specialist for my thyroid hahaha cos is getting more expensive so I go to GP first cos I am running out of my medicine.  So we ended up at AMK one of the clinic whereby one of my friend work has the medicine for it.

After the consultation... 3 of us went looking for food ..... jus nice behind the clinic there is one hawker Blk 724 AMK ave 6 so went over to check it out.  Saw severals stall having long Q and well follow the Q to try the food.

Goh go for kway chap which is located stall #01-19 this stall there is q forming up too .... verdict is not too bad but the pork very nice and yummy .... intestine also very well cooked.  For Alyssa she want porridge so we I found one #01-32 this brand of porridge can be found in several hawker stall .... porridge itself is smooth and fish is fresh ... little gal finished it up real fast! 

As for me I went to Q for shredded chicken noodle .... I simply love mee kia which is like HK style kind ..... so since Q is long so I join in!  This stall is located at #01-21, noodle is well cooked the sauce is very nice blend together with the chicken.  Portion is just nice ..... will come back again for sure.

  We also shared fried carrot cake and for this stall before I reached AMK I did a search and saw it on Openrice that people raved about it! This stall is at #01-09, Q is really long so I just join in and I am surprise that only 1 Auntie mending the stall and she is real fast that she clear the Q in no time ..... the anoma smell of the eggs makes me drool haha ..... not too salty, chili is nice and best is not overly greasy worth the wait and try! 

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